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This Health Craze Will Shock You…or Disgust

This Health Craze Will Shock You…or Disgust
August 16
13:34 2016

If you are always on the lookout for the latest healthy and unusual health trend, cockroach milk (yes, we said cockroach like the bug…) is apparently super good for you. According to scientists, this milk joins the list of superfoods. But, it’s a bit stranger than kale and acai berries.

Luckily, there are plenty of these little bugs crawling around on the planet. Although it may seem foreign to Americans, cockroaches are seen as a delicacy in some cultures.

Not all roaches produce milk though. This is specific to the Diploptera punctata, aka the Pacific beetle cockroach. This is the only species of roach to give live birth and then supply its babies’ milk. Found in Asia and the Pacific Islands (like Hawaii,) there are plenty of these particular type of roaches.

So why is this even a thing? Well, the lactates found in these roaches have numerous health benefits, so scientists are on a mission to make roach milk a new nutritious offering.

And what makes it so healthy? Well, it contains essential amino acids and three times the amount of energy found in the same amount of dairy milk.

Not to mention, getting the milk is cruelty-free. “They would isolate the gene for this protein from the cockroach and then express it and grow it up in a yeast system in very large microbiological vats and produce large quantities,” said Professor John Carver, director of the Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National University.

Although there are some super health-freaks willing to try anything, getting people to want to spend money on roach secretion is going to take some amazing marketing.

Nonetheless, alternative protein sources like cricket powder are gaining traction in the market. So who knows, maybe cockroach milk will have its place on grocery store shelves someday.

So our WellnFit friends, what do you think? Would you add cockroach milk into your diet because it’s so nutritious? Or are you okay with getting nutrients elsewhere that doesn’t involve creepy crawlers?

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