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Would you Vote for an Immortal for President?

Would you Vote for an Immortal for President?
July 07
17:43 2016

Zoltan Istvan Gyurko is the world’s leading Transhumanist who seeks immortality through science and travels the nation in a coffin-shaped van. His religious detractors consider him the antichrist. Oh, and he’s also running for president.

Transhumanists seek immortality through science. They believe that by melding with machines, the human body will be able to transcend its mental and physical limitations to become “superhuman.”

Istvan knows that he can’t actually win the White House. His political campaign, to which he has donated $100,000 of his own money, serves as a method of drumming up interest in and support for Transhumanism.

And it’s working. The 43-year-old futurist has interviewed for the position of Vice President to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, been featured in two documentaries, and has even secured his own TV show.

Science and technology should be at the forefront of America’s politics, says Istvan. “When I asked my wife if I could run for the US presidency two years ago, it wasn’t just about 2016. It was a lifelong quest. So everything I’m doing now has so much to do with the long-term vision of ending up in the White House and, hopefully, making it so humans never have to die.”

“We’re trying to get people to look at death as something that’s not natural…it’s just something to overcome. It’s just a big giant roadblock on the way to becoming god-like human beings.” – Zoltan Istvan

Support for this radical candidate is rising in tandem with the promise of new technologies that could potentially lead to a race of “super humans” (read more here).

“Winning here means getting attention for an important topic that may become crucial over the coming decades,” says political analyst Roland Benedikter.

zolt_with_bus_in_DC-429x316“His intention is to raise awareness for the necessity of a much broader, deeper, and more differentiated debate on the future of the human being, and of being human, in an age where the human body is beginning to melt with technology.”

Antichrist Conspiracy Theory

“I’ve been pegged as the antichrist, which I felt was a little unfair,” complains Istvan.

The Bible Belt has no room for Istvan’s faithless, techno-utopian ideas. “As soon as you say you’re an atheist at a rally, half the people just leave. They are not interested in contemplating a world where Jesus is not the savior anymore.”

The fact that he travels in a coffin-shaped “Immortality Bus” doesn’t help, but the real icing on the cake is that if you count the letters in each of the words making up his full name, you get 666.

Unfortunately, Istvan also bears an uncanny resemblance to the actor who played Nicolae Carpathia, the antichrist in Left Behind. “Apparently because I’m of Hungarian descent, I also have the bloodline to be the antichrist,” says Istvan. “It’s not that I’m against religion,” he continues. “I believe in quite a bit of spirituality.”

The Future

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 3.16.16 PM“I would love to be an adviser on radical technology and science. All of the candidates need it, but they are not talking about it for fear of being butchered.”

All the scrabbling between Republicans and Democrats could be eliminated if an AI ran the country, argues Istvan. He believes this could happen within the next two decades.

“It might be wise for us to put ourselves in the hands of a machine intelligence that can make the best decision for the greatest amount of people,” he says. “That’s what a democracy should be about.”

Istvan hopes that Americans will be ready to accept a Transhumanist platform by 2024. “By that point, many robots will have taken our jobs, we’ll have AI around the corner, we’ll be choosing hair and eye color and augmenting children’s intelligence. If this starts happening, politicians will have to start addressing Transhumanism – and the civil rights challenges associated with it. We’re just not there yet.”

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