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Analyzes Your Sweat

Analyzes Your Sweat
July 19
11:14 2016

Sweating is an important part of exercise; it keeps you cool and allows your body to rid itself of toxins. A new fitness band produced by engineers at the University of California, Berkeley utilizes an array of biosensors to analyze your health based on the compounds detected in your sweat.

This isn’t the first attempt to design a fitness band capable of “drinking” your sweat while you work out, but it is the first one to include built-in circuitry (meaning that it doesn’t have to send data to a computer for analysis).

The wristband, a project that was spearheaded by professor Ali Javey, includes sensors that detect lactate (lactic acid), glucose, potassium, and sodium. The device also contains a sensor that uses the wearer’s skin temperature to calibrate the other sensors.

Compare this to the average fitness tracker, which can count steps and monitor your heart rate – if you’re lucky.

• Dehydration
• Restricted blood flow
• Glucose metabolism (to benefit diabetics)
• Muscle fatigue

The biosensor was tested on 52 participants (half male, half female) during exercise. The fitness bands were able to send current, usable data to a connected cell phone.

The device is still in the prototype stage, but the idea of a wearable biosensor that sends real-time data about your health is certainly worth investigating.


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