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Follow These Tips to Make Healthy Drive-Thru Choices

Follow These Tips to Make Healthy Drive-Thru Choices
July 12
14:19 2016

Grabbing fast good for lunch or dinner is definitely convenient, but definitely not healthy. However, there are a few ways to make your selection at the drive-thru window much healthier than usual. Follow these tips:

Avoid fried foods. There are typically grilled and crispy versions of every chicken meal on the menu, so always choose the grilled chicken.

Make smart side choices. Instead of asking for fries, choose a fruit cup or salad on the side to cut back on fat, calories and sodium.

Ask for mustard, not mayo. Mustard is a healthier condiment choice than mayo, so add flavor with mustard instead of adding fat with mayo.

Don’t supersize it. Resist the temptation to ask for a larger size and stick with the smaller portions.

Check the menu ahead of time. Before you go to a fast food restaurant, go online and look at the menu to see what kind of options you have. Planning ahead will help you make smart choices so you don’t get tempted with greasy, fatty options once you pull up to the window.

Although it’s always smarter to pack a healthy lunch rather than go to a drive-thru, if you do have to visit a fast food restaurant, at least follow these tips!


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