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World’s First “Smart Mirror” Tracks Body Changes

World’s First “Smart Mirror” Tracks Body Changes
May 05
13:32 2016
Many of us obsess over reaching a certain number on the scale or perfecting a certain part of the body, when what we really need to focus on is how we feel. When your weight-loss journey is based on the wrong goals, you are far less likely to succeed. That’s where the new Naked 3D Fitness Tracker comes in.

Naked promises to keep you motivated with 3D images and specific data on your progress. The system includes a scale and a mirror that work together to produce:

  • Exact measurements
  • Body fat percentage
  • Weight
  • Heat maps of muscle gain and fat loss
  • Side by side comparisons to show progress

Features like time-lapse results show how your body is changing over time – or even daily – which has some wondering if this “smart mirror” will only complicate obsessions and body issues.

Here’s how Naked works: you stand on the scale (naked) in front of the mirror. A blue circle icon (on the mirror) lights up and scans your body composition. The results can be accessed on your phone via the Naked Fit app.

Most of the time, a true “healthy weight” is heavier than a person’s goal weight. I can see how this mirror, which makes a person focus on his or her appearance, could make body issues worse.

But the technology is undeniably cool. You can pre-order Naked for $499. The product is scheduled for release later this month.



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