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Why is the Free Clinic Business Still Booming After Obamacare?

Why is the Free Clinic Business Still Booming After Obamacare?
May 02
09:00 2016

Since the Affordable Care Act was introduced, free clinics are seeing an increase in underinsured visitors, as opposed to uninsured patients that were common prior to Obamacare.

Those who sign up for health insurance through the marketplace are stuck with high deductibles and monthly premiums, leaving them no choice but to visit free clinics for their primary care needs.

The Commonwealth Fund recently found that 23% of insured adults under the age of 65 were considered underinsured. For the purpose of this study, underinsured was defined as individuals who had out-of-pocket health care costs that were at least 10% of their income.

Many industry analysts assumed that the demand for free clinics would die down after the introduction of Obamacare, but that has not been the case. Besides the cost, there’s another factor that’s bringing people to free clinics: they can’t get appointments with their regular providers.

Because of the increase in people who are now able to see medical professionals, it has become harder and harder to book an appointment, especially with primary care physicians.

With these factors in play, it’s safe to assume that free clinics will be in demand for a long time unless major reforms are made to the health care industry.


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