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Wear This Underwear When You Sleep

Wear This Underwear When You Sleep
May 03
16:51 2016

You may have heard that not wearing any underwear at night is the best way to maintain proper hygiene down there, but for some people, going without underwear just doesn’t feel right. If you’d rather keep it on as you sleep, you should at least follow these tips when it comes to choosing what kind to wear:


No thongs.

Bacteria can quickly spread when you ear a thong leading to vaginal infections. Instead of thongs, choose a boy short or brief that does not pose the same health risk.


Wear cotton.

Cotton is the best bet for underwear when you sleep. This fabric will wick away moisture and prevent the growth of yeast, which can cause uncomfortable yeast infections. Be sure to switch to a fresh pair of cotton underwear at night instead of wearing the same pair you’ve been in all day.


Go seamless.

Elastic bands can cause irritation during the night, so if possible, stick with a seamless style. If you don’t go seamless, you may wake up with painful indentations and rashes on your skin after a night of tossing and turning.


Always wear clean, new underwear.

When a pair of underwear gets old, the elastic begins to wear down, leaving your skin irritated and itchy. Dirty underwear is a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to painful infections if you choose to sleep in them. To be safe, always wear a fresh, new pair of underwear.

Many women would never dream of wearing a bra to bed, but if you do, be sure to choose one without an underwire. Styles that do have an underwire can rub up against you throughout the night and cause skin irritation or painful scratches.


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