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New Mental Health App Launches

New Mental Health App Launches
May 12
15:53 2016

Even though there seems to be more studies talking about the health risks of technology, the digital age has still opened up a new world of health resources.

There are thousands of fitness apps out there to help you keep your fitness goals. There are virtual personal trainers. There are apps to help you sleep or to meditate. There are even telehealth solutions, with therapists available via video chat.

The drugstore mogul, Walgreens has partnered with the nonprofit Mental Health America (MHA) to create a new online portal with various mental health resources. Along with guides, there are online screening tools for customers to use to see how they can get some help. However, most of these guides, FAQs are reposted from WebMD and other websites already available online. Even the screening tool was provided by MHA.

Nonetheless, Walgreens hopes to screen at least 3 million people for mental health issues by 2018.

The portal also gives the users access to therapists via video provided by MDlive. This service is called Breakthrough, where customers are connected with a state-licensed psychiatrist or therapist on their computer or mobile device.

The average cost per session is roughly $60, which is much more cost effective than visiting a psychiatrist or therapist the traditional way. Not to mention, you can have your session in the comfort of your own home or even in a private area in the sunny outdoors.

Most of those struggling with mental health issues probably don’t know about this service. But when a large company like Walgreens makes it available on their website, these resources become more accessible.

Although Walgreens has virtually collected different already existing services online and put them all in one place on their website, this still creates awareness and connects more people with supportive tools.

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