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The Health Perks of a Fishy Diet

The Health Perks of a Fishy Diet
May 13
18:32 2016

It’s no secret that fish is an excellent addition to your diet. It has been known to improve both heart and brain health, while reducing fat intake.

Because of the recognized health benefits of fish, fish oil supplements have grown in popularity. However, eating the fish will ultimately be more nutritious.

According to a recent Cargill Animal Nutrition survey, consumers are well aware of how nutritional this protein source is. They also are aware that it is more beneficial to ingest than supplements. Not to mention, it’s the fastest growing protein on the market and it is even more popular than fish oil supplements.

Specifically, the survey revealed that 33% of US households take fish oil supplements, but a whopping 90% of consumers recognize that eating fish is better than taking supplements.

60% of the participants associated seafood consumption with heart health, while 48% associated it with low fat and 41% related it with brain health.

Although getting fish oil in your system via supplements is a decent alternative, by eating fish the healthy oils are absorbed nine times more than through supplements.

“A proper diet that includes fish protein, in addition to other healthy lifestyle behaviors, will go a long way in promoting overall health.” said Dr. Felicia D. Stoler, FAND Nutritionist & Exercise Physiologist, to Forbes.

With that being said, the demand for seafood is on the rise. It’s expected to increase by 70% by 2050.

“We are anticipating that further advances in aquaculture nutrition will ensure that fish and seafood are going to play a significant role in satisfying the world’s protein needs and in providing health and nutrition benefits to a growing population in the years ahead,” said Einar Wathne, president of Cargill Aqua Nutrition.

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