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Are indoor play areas for kids a health hazard?

Are indoor play areas for kids a health hazard?
May 01
13:57 2016

Many mothers may choose to take their kids to indoor play areas to avoid the health and safety hazards that outdoor playgrounds pose, however this may not be the wisest decision.

New studies suggest that playing in indoor play areas can cause children to develop serious respiratory issues. Researchers believe it has something to do with the lack of ventilation in the room, which causes stale, dirty air to build up over time.

Open, outdoor play areas allow the air to flow freely. Although children may be exposed to dirt and bacteria outdoors, it is not enough to do anything besides build their immune systems up.

This same study suggests that parents should also be wary of taking children to indoor play areas because many kids don’t have proper hand washing techniques. When kids then go to the play area and touch the different equipment, germs are spread much more easily than they would be outdoors.

Based on this study, parents should stop taking such great caution when it comes to protecting their kids as they play.


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