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The Truth Behind Trump’s Healthcare Plan

The Truth Behind Trump’s Healthcare Plan
April 17
13:33 2016

Chief policy adviser to Donald Trump, Sam Clovis recently told The New York Times that Trump’s healthcare reforms would need to be “bipartisan.”

When a candidate uses the word bipartisan, it should signal that he is willing to negotiate all of his principles to reach a popular decision. Trump has gone from praising the government healthcare systems of Canada and Scotland to denouncing them and pledging reform on Obamacare.

When one of Trump’s closest advisers admits that they are willing to consider bipartisan deals, it has to make voters wonder what else Trump will back down on when he is in office.

The Des Moines Register uncovered emails that Clovis wrote shortly after joining Trump’s campaign. The emails questioned Trump’s character, his true conservatism and the honesty behind his stance on abortion. One email even said in reference to Trump’s healthcare reform, “Why should I not be suspicious of a person who advocates for universal healthcare?’

Despite this, Clovis is now praising Trump for working for several prominent health policy experts to devise a healthcare plan, although he was not willing to name any of them.

To answer his question, we should be suspicious of Trump and his support for universal healthcare and desire to reach a bipartisan agreement. Even though the use of the word bipartisan was meant to make Trump appear less scary and more willing to negotiate, it did quite the opposite.



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