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How to Lower Your Risk of Drug Interactions

How to Lower Your Risk of Drug Interactions
April 20
20:28 2016

Taking drugs that interact with each other could provoke a serious reaction that may land you in the hospital. But, there are a few things that you can do to help lower your risk of a dangerous interaction:

  1. Always follow the doctor’s advice exactly. If he or she tells you to take pills at a certain time of day or on an empty stomach, be sure to follow these rules closely.
  2. When you visit the doctor’s office, have a list of medications that you take handy so you can make sure he or she is aware of any potential interaction
  3. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor about any foods that you should avoid. Some foods and beverages, such as grapefruits, can interact with drugs, so it’s best to  be safe by having this conversation early.

With these simple tips, you won’t have to worry about the dangerous side effects of mixing different medications.


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