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Never put these items in your grocery cart

Never put these items in your grocery cart
April 04
14:06 2016

It seems like everyday there’s another new “superfood” designed to cure all of our ailments and help us eat healthy. But, are some of these so-called healthy foods unnecessary or even worse, bad for your health? The short answer: yes! Here are the top “healthy” foods that you should steer clear of:



Almost half of Americans pop a multivitamin on a daily basis, but is there any reason to do so? Decades worth of research says no. Studies have shown time and time again that we get more than enough of the essential vitamins that we need from our food, so taking a supplement is just not necessary.


Almond Butter

There’s been a lot of fuss about switching out peanut butter for almond butter, but what’s the point? Both products are high in protein, healthy fats and vitamin E, so there’s no benefit to making the switch unless you prefer the taste.



Juicing vegetables or fruits completely eliminates the fiber, the nutrient that you need to stay full and prevent hunger pains. What’s left? Sugar, and lots of it. Drinking juice on a regular basis can lead to frequent cravings, low energy and rapid mood swings.


Gluten-Free Anything

Only 1% of Americans have Celiac Disease, yet for some reason gluten-free diets are increasing in popularity. The truth is that if you don’t have Celiac Disease, there’s absolutely no benefit to eating gluten-free.


Almond Milk

A number of milk alternatives have hit the shelves recently, promising to be healthier than traditional dairy milk. One of the most popular choices is almond milk, but this drink is free of almost every important nutrient. Almonds are great on their own, but almond milk is only 2% almond, so you’re not receiving the nutritional benefits of these nuts.



Although traditionally seen as a health food, a regular serving of granola usually packs around 600 calories. Plus, most varieties that are marketed as health foods contain tons of sugar, and not so many nutrients.


Agave Nectar

Many health experts once claimed that switching sugar for agave would help control your blood sugar and prevent mood swings. The reasoning was that agave is low in glucose, however as it turns out, it’s actually high in another type of sweetener known as fructose. Studies have shown that diets high in fructose cause heart disease and other severe health problems, so it’s safe to say that this is not a good alternative to white sugar.


Coconut Water

Water alternatives such as coconut water are all over the health and fitness world right now. Although coconut water is a great way to get potassium and other essential vitamins, it would be even better to drink a glass of regular water.


The lesson learned? Don’t believe everything you hear. Be prepared to do your own research and learn about what your body needs instead of taking someone else’s word for it!


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