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Health Benefits of Getting Married

Health Benefits of Getting Married
April 18
13:05 2016

Marriage may be difficult and stressful at times, but in the end, having a loving partner could be giving you incredible health benefits.

A new study found that married cancer patients are more likely to survive the illness than single cancer patients. The difference in death rates between single and married cancer patients are especially significant when looking at the male gender.

Researchers believe that the results are based on the social support that married cancer patients may feel from their spouses. This study prompted other researchers to look into what other health benefits married people receive, and it turns out, there are quite a few:


Lower chance of heart attacks

Doctors in Finland found that married people have less of a risk of having a heart attack than those who are single. Women were found to be 65% less likely to have a heart attack, while men were 66% less likely. Researchers believe this is because married people are better off financially and have more stable lives with less stress.


Lower chance of strokes

On top of being less likely to have a heart attack, married people are also less likely to have a stroke. The American Stroke Association found that married men have a 64% lower risk of having a stroke than unmarried men, however this is dependent on marriage satisfaction. The men who reported being unsatisfied in their marriages did not have as low of a risk.


Lower stress

The University of Chicago found that having a long-term emotional bond with another person can significantly reduce stress and depression. This bond alters the body’s hormones to regulate stress in both sexes.


Lower risk of developing mental illness

A 1991 study found that married men and women also have lower rates of serious mental illness. The study showed that married people are at least half as likely to have these illnesses compared to single people.


Better sleep

When you’re in a happy marriage, you may experience better sleep. The University of Pittsburg found that women in particular were 10% more likely to get a better night’s sleep than women who were unmarried. Researchers are not sure why, but it could be because of the comfort provided by having a close loved one near you in bed.

Next time you get angry or frustrated with your spouse, just remember that he or she is helping you live a happier, healthier life!



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