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Celebrity Health & Wellness Trends to Try

Celebrity Health & Wellness Trends to Try
April 06
15:01 2016

These celebrity health and fitness ideas are a great way to start your journey to a new, improved version of yourself:


Turn it off.

Disconnecting from technology for a little while has major health benefits. Not only is it good for your neck and shoulder muscles, but it also lets your mind relax and decompress.

To get started with this goal, try little switches like setting a physical alarm clock instead of an alarm on your phone or switching to airplane mode to unwind for a short amount of time after work.



Oprah and Barbara Walters are two celebrities who praise the practice of meditation. There are apps to help get you started with this practice, but many of these guide you through an hour-long journey to mindfulness. Instead, try starting off with just a few minutes everyday to get used to doing and thinking about absolutely nothing. Shutting everything off internally helps improve your physical health and your cognitive health.



Many experts give advice on what we should be eating to stay healthy, including omega-3s, healthy fats, antioxidants, and the list goes on and on. Fitting all of this into your diet can take intense planning and preparation which makes it hard for dieters to stick to this plan.

Instead, try following in the footsteps of celebrities like Christy Turlington and Chrissy Teigen, who combine all of these nutrients into one meal in a bowl. This trend has gotten so popular that some New York restaurants have even started serving dishes that meet these requirements!


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