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Celebrity Fitness Fashion Lines Grow in Popularity

Celebrity Fitness Fashion Lines Grow in Popularity
April 22
13:00 2016

You may be one of the fit folks who could care less about what they wear to their work-out. If you are exercising right, you are going to get your outfit soaked.

But nonetheless, there are a ton of people who want to look their best while working out. This has influenced more celebrities to corner this market with fit and fashionable fitness lines. Women are the target demographic for these lines and that’s because they are the ones spending money for fitness attire.

According to research from the NPD Group, women’s fitness apparel sold more than the overall fitness apparel market from June 2014 to June 2015. The woman’s fitness apparel market has grown 9% and the entire industry is up by 7%.

Evidently, celebs are wanting a piece of this pie.

Beyonce’s Ivy Park

This line by Queen B is not only for working-out, it is “athlesure.” It can be worn for fitness and casual wear. Some of the most popular pieces are the bodysuits that channel Beyoncé’s signature look in the infamous “Single Ladies” video. The apparel is available through “stockists” including Nordstrom, Topshop and Zalando and it just launch this week. The pricing per item is anywhere from $14 for a headband to $265 for a fully sleeved body suit.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

This is monthly membership plan endorsed by Kate Hudson. This company is owned by another membership plan Just Fab, whereas members select a pair of shoes every month. Fabletics has a similar monthly program but for athletic clothing. They select their preferences for styles and what activities they do for exercise. With that in mind, the program gives recommendations for outfits. The membership is $49.95 a month and this is the starting price for the outfits.

Brooke Burke’ Caelum

This fashion line launched by the ever so fit Brooke Burke claims to be affordable with every item under $100. It features feminine patterns and sexier options for women. The line consists of yoga pants, sweatpants, performance tops, pullovers and sports bras. Like Beyonce’s Ivy Park, the apparel can be worn outside of the gym. “Every piece in the collection has a cool, edgy and contemporary look that can seamlessly be worn to the studio or gym, on the go, or dressed up for a night out” according to Caelum’s official website.

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