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Are Countries With Smoking Bans Healthier?

Are Countries With Smoking Bans Healthier?
April 10
09:00 2016

Research from 21 nations show that countries with public smoking bans lead to overall healthier citizens.

These individuals have lower exposure rates to secondhand smoke which researchers were able to tie to a lower rate of heart disease and general health problems.

Currently, one in ten deaths around the globe are caused by tobacco use, but the researchers believe this number could be lowered with more effective policies. Senior author of the study, Cecily Kelleher, believes that implementing these bans across the world and especially in developing nations would change the world.

The researchers of this study looked at 77 other studies from 21 countries around the world with public smoking bans. The data from these studies were collected from hospitals, national health registries and workplaces and included information on heart attacks, strokes, infant health and respiratory problems. Out of the 77 studies, 43 found a definite link between the implementation of a public smoking ban and the drop in these health issues.

This new review of evidence is so strong that it shows a public ban of smoking directly leads to less heart attacks within the community according to Liz Klein with the Center of Excellence in Regulatory Tobacco Science at The Ohio State University in Columbus.

Now that this information is available, it’s up to policymakers to put it to good use.


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