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Would I Use A Fitness Tracker?

Would I Use A Fitness Tracker?
March 07
13:44 2016

In November 2015, the American College of Sports Medicine announced “wearable technology would be the top fitness trend in 2016.”

With the expected growth in fitness trackers, should you take the plunge and buy one?


Are you tech-savvy?

Many people who love fitness trackers tend to also love other technological devices. Did you grow up playing video games? Do you love finding and trying out new apps or smartphones? If the answer is yes, more likely than not, you’ll get a kick out of having a fitness tracker on and being able to see your body’s activity throughout the day.


How accurate are trackers?

There has been a decent amount of debate on whether or not these trackers can accurately monitor your calorie burn throughout the day. Various studies have shown the step count is not as accurate as a manual count, however that is to be expected with any technological device. Many trackers were found to overestimate calorie burn during physical activity and underestimate it during rest, so overall, the daily count could balance out somewhat.


Will it motivate you?

Wearing a fitness tracker motivates people to get moving and try to reach their goal on a daily basis. Even if the calorie count is not accurate, overall this little device goes a long way to push you to keep moving. The trackers that allow users to set goals and compete with friends offer even more incentive to keep active throughout the day.


Who else uses fitness trackers?

Individual fitness fanatics aren’t the only ones who are jumping on this bandwagon. Recently, many health insurance companies have encouraged employees and customers to use fitness trackers to gauge their daily activity. Large corporations have started to incorporate fitness trackers into their insurance plans, pushing employees to be more mindful of their physical activity. Even Orange Theory, one of the largest fitness studios in the country, incorporates a heart rate monitor into every class so users can see how well they’re performing.


Because fitness trackers range so widely in price, it’s best to start off small if you’re unsure of whether or not you’ll use the device. This way, you won’t risk too much financially if you end up not being a follower of the fitness tracker craze.


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