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Why is This Wellness App Being Used by Ex-NFL Players?

Why is This Wellness App Being Used by Ex-NFL Players?
March 30
13:30 2016

It is evident that after years of rough football play, the beloved game takes a major toll on the professional players. To put things in perspective, there is a long Wikipedia page dedicated to “Concussions in American Football.”

Lately the safety of pro football players has been a hot topic, specifically with the NFL agreeing to a $15 billion settlement after being sued by over 5,000 former players for allegedly hiding health risks linked to concussions.

Since on-field injuries continue to effect players after retirement, Medical researchers at Harvard University decided to create an app as a platform for former NFL players to share how their previous injuries are still effecting their bodies and brains today.

The app known as TeamStudy allows the user to record their memory, mobility and pain tolerance. Former players are spending about 20 minutes a week sharing this information and they are able to remain anonymous.

“We want to get as much specific data on how a player’s health may affect their well-being over the course of their lives,” said Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, TeamStudy’s lead investigator to Cnet.com.

But, researchers are not only studying former athletes, but non-athletes are encouraged to use the app. This data is important so they can compare the health of these groups.

The app just became available on the Apple Marketplace last week, but it is a part of an existing program studying the health of former NFL players. The study, founded by the NFL Players Association, has over 3,000 ex-players participating.

Even though this app will make it easier for players to discuss their physical ailments, it will still be difficult to get them to share their experiences.

“It may be humbling to say you’re still in pain and not as tough as you used to be,” said George Wrighster, a former tight end of the Jacksonville Jaguars who has had three concussions and now has chronic neck and back pain. “Hopefully, this will give them an outlet where they can be open and honest about what they’re going through.”

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