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Severe Arthritis is Not an Excuse for Avoiding Exercise

Severe Arthritis is Not an Excuse for Avoiding Exercise
March 16
20:33 2016
One of the most common reasons people avoid working out is because they think a health condition makes exercise impossible. Well I have good news for anyone with severe arthritis: you can still work out.

The best thing you can do whenever you experience pain is to consult a physician. Only a professional can guide you in the right direction and give you advice on your limitations when it comes to exercise and diet. Once you know exactly what you can and can’t do, you can start a workout program.

That being said, here is some “general” advice for anyone suffering from arthritis:

• Keep track of physical activity
• Make fitness a part of your daily routine
• Avoid a sedentary lifestyle at all costs

Swimming and other aquatic exercises are great for people with arthritis. The water serves to support the body, but also acts as a resistant barrier to help build muscle strength. 

Exercising in the water is also a great way to move your joints comfortably and fluidly. This will encourage flexibility and strength while protecting against further damage. Buoyancy (instead of impact) is the ideal environment for minimizing pain and stiffness.

For some, aquatic fitness is the only appropriate form of exercise. However, you should always consult a physician and then a fitness trainer to learn what you can and can’t do – and to avoid injury – when it comes to working out.


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