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Replacing Obamacare: Ted Cruz has no Answer

Replacing Obamacare: Ted Cruz has no Answer
March 31
13:00 2016
GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz is one of Obamacare’s staunchest enemies, so why doesn’t he have a plan to replace it?

“Republican healthcare policy is a mess of contradictions, so Cruz will probably just stick to attacking the ACA,” writes Salon’s Simon Maloy.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.19.30 PMCruz may wax eloquent on the evils of the Affordable Care Act, but in reality he has no idea how to improve or replace it.

As the race narrows and establishment Republicans see Cruz as their only choice, he is under more pressure than ever to get a plan out there.

But Cruz seems more concerned with eradicating Obamacare than fixing America’s woefully inadequate healthcare system. And while overturning the Affordable Care Act would be great, few want to return to the system we had before it.

“Everyone agrees we need healthcare reform,” he said in January. But the only plan he was able to come up with was a “free-market hand-waving that steered clear of anything having to do with pre-existing conditions,” writes Maloy.

The legislation he introduced before the King v. Burwell case had been decided would have repealed a big portion of the Affordable Care Act and replaced it with…basically nothing.

When confronted by supporters asking about his healthcare plan, Cruz responds by discussing the evils of the current system.

Healthcare policy has become a sort of trap for conservatives. And Cruz knows it. According to a Republican source quoted by Politico, it is necessary for Cruz to “articulate not just repeal, but what is the center-right healthcare system that he’s defining as the future of healthcare?”

I doubt Cruz was happy with the word “center-right,” as he spends most of his time trying to distance himself from centrism or moderation.

The problem now is that nobody has figured out what is appropriately conservative and what is too liberal when it comes to healthcare. Republicans want legislation that expands coverage, but the methods necessary to improve access to coverage as judged as too liberal.

If Cruz isn’t careful, he may follow in the footsteps of Scott Walker, whose proposed “answer” to Obamacare was blasted by conservatives as a “new federal entitlement program.”

“If Cruz sticks with his current plan to deregulate the insurance market and let the Invisible Hand sort everything out, he’ll get killed by Democrats for screwing over people with pre-existing conditions,” writes Maloy.

But if he ventures into the conservative healthcare argument and makes an attempt to expand coverage, he’ll upset conservatives who don’t think the federal government should have a role in providing access to medical care.

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