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Puppy Love: Get Fit with a “Borrowed” Pooch

Puppy Love: Get Fit with a “Borrowed” Pooch
March 23
13:52 2016

Get fit and help animals at the same time – that was Jason Siebert’s dream. The 31-year-old dog lover from New South Wales, Australia established “Rescue your Fitness” to do just that.

Siebert, a personal trainer, has been involved with animal foster care and puppy rescue for more than a decade. “I noticed a diminishing number of humans and growing number of desperate dogs, especially some bigger more energetic breeds,” says Seibert. “The dogs need to get out and run, humans need to move.”

Both humans and their pets need regular exercise. Even with volunteer work, dogs in shelters spend lots of time in cages as they wait for adoption. Siebert’s idea was to encourage people to exercise while allowing the dogs a chance to get out and play.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.49.01 PMHis program is gaining in popularity in Australia’s Central Coast region and has accumulated more than 1,200 followers. Siebert encourages members to take pictures with their “borrowed” pets to increase the dogs’ chances of finding a new home. The main goal of the program is twofold:

• Improve members’ fitness
• Use Facebook and other forms of social media to find new homes for the dogs

The program also focuses on mental health, with the hope that interactions between people and animals will help those struggling with conditions like PTSD.

“It doesn’t matter what state you turn up in, there’s always unconditional love – the scientific proof of the endorphins that are released [when you help] somebody that can’t help themselves,” says Siebert.

The organization’s first “pack run” last weekend was a success, bringing dozens of participants from Sydney to exercise with homeless pups. Click here to visit the group’s Facebook page. 

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