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Paleo Diet Could Lead to Weight Gain, Health Complications

Paleo Diet Could Lead to Weight Gain, Health Complications
March 23
14:00 2016

Research shows that a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet dictated by some popular fad diets can lead to weight gain and serious health complications.

The lead research on this study, Associate Professor Sof Andrikopoulous, warns that the diet studied as part of this paper is very similar to the increasingly popular Paleo diet. Andrikopoulous says this diet can be especially dangerous for people who live a sedentary lifestyle or have pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Many Americans try fad diets after being exposed to them through celebrities, famous chefs and reality shows, however Andrikopoulous warns that a lot of these fad diets are not worth the damage they do to your health.

“Low-carbohydrate, high-fat diets are becoming more popular, but there is no scientific evidence that these diets work. In fact, if you put an inactive individual on this type of diet, the chances are that person will gain weight,” Andrikopoulos said.

In the study, the researchers used two groups of overweight mice with pre-diabetes symptoms, with one group on the low-carb, high fat diet and the other on a normal diet. After the test was over the low-carb, high fat diet group had gained more weight and had higher levels of insulin. The so-called paleo group gained an average of 15% of their own body weight.

If the results held consistent in humans, it would not only cause weight gain, but also lead to high blood pressure, arthritis, and increase the risk of anxiety and depression.

Despite what you may hear in the media, Andrikopoulous says the best diet to follow for diabetics is actually the Mediterranean diet.


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