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Is Passion more Valuable than Money?

Is Passion more Valuable than Money?
March 28
11:49 2016
A new fitness studio opened this month in the Travis-Chelsea neighborhood of Staten Island, New York. Owner and personal trainer Danielle Benyik, 46, incorporates everything from Pilates to TRX into her workouts. She argues that passion is more valuable than money.

“Wellness and fitness have always been a part of me and my wanting to make it my career has just organically evolved within. I remember when I was working on Wall Street I felt like my passion for fitness was so much more important in my life than money.”

Danielle eventually left the corporate world to focus on fitness. “When I was training my personal clients, I came alive,” she says. “I was juggling between my patients at a rehabilitation facility and training my personal clients. I knew I needed the time and space to let my creative juices flow. I wanted to grow and explore what I could do in my own personal studio.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.44.45 PMDanielle’s dream became a reality with the opening of B3 (Body by Benyik) Fitness Studio this month.

“I’m passionate to the core of my being about fitness and being healthy. It’s who I am. Training not only my body, but also my mind makes me feel like Super Woman. I can’t even explain the rush.”

Danielle offers both group and one-on-one sessions that she calls “anything but typical.”

“I work until we complete our workout. It isn’t just a half hour session, we work until I say stop. I just really stress in my sessions that we’re training the mind and body connection to gain balance.”

Danielle encourages her clients to take frequent photos so they can see how their bodies are changing. “I also always text my clients one to two days after their sessions to see how they’re feeling mentally and physically,” she says.

Danielle is also certified to teach nutrition. “With my clients, I help them learn how to eat healthy. I help to see what works for them and their lifestyles individually, because not one person is the same.”

Danielle’s goal is simple: to inspire others.

“Inspiring others inspires me,” she says. “With all of the people I train I see a confidence boost in how they carry themselves in and out of sessions. I want to instill and inspire people to realize and be confident in that human beings are strong, mentally and physically, we just don’t realize how strong we can be.”

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