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How Hip Hop is Making Exercise More Fun

How Hip Hop is Making Exercise More Fun
March 03
14:08 2016

Music has always been a great motivator for fitness. When you are running on the treadmill and your favorite fast song plays, you probably press that plus sign a few times. Even if you were not in the mood to work-out, hearing some intense jams adds an extra pep in your step.

Motivations like this are what keep us going to the gym. When exercising becomes something you start looking forward to, it makes it difficult to remove it from your daily routine. That’s why fitness classes are popular. Some more so than others.

Mike Nicholson leads a hip hop focused fitness class in Ohio. For the last seven years, his classes have gained a loyal following (of about 6,500 members) that all love to shake it.

Not only are the participants having a blast, but they are seeing results. “It’s totally transformed my body. My (resting) heart rate is 62 beats per minute; it used to be in the high 80s,” said Bonnie Williams to Dispatch.com. She has lost 20 pounds since she started attending the hip hop class.

Another reason this fitness class is consistently full is that it is a positive environment where any size and any age is more than welcome to join. And it doesn’t matter if you can dance or not.

Nicholson knows that his amateur dancers are going through. He struggled with losing weight when he worked at a desk job. He was bored by running and other traditional work-outs and wanted to find something that spiked his interest. He visited other classes like Zumba, but the musical genres weren’t what he wanted to hear.

So, he took matters into his own hands and began leading sessions with real hip hop music at local gyms. In 2011, he opened his own studio, while still offering the program at other locales.

The work-out isn’t just dance moves, he incorporates squats, planks, etc. There are 100 tunes in the Hip Hop Fitness repertoire and by the fourth class most people start to pick up the steps.

Again, it’s about more than just having fun. The results have been amazing. Shekyra Decree, 38, has lost 100 pounds. “He has no idea what his vision has done for people,” said Decree. “He’s saving lives, creating friendships and cultivating confidence in people.”

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