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Here’s How to Revive Those Fitness Resolutions

Here’s How to Revive Those Fitness Resolutions
March 18
17:51 2016

It’s about that time of the year were your New Year resolutions are probably a thing of the past. Like most people, your New Year’s resolutions were likely fitness oriented. But, have you fallen off the bandwagon? It isn’t just you, so have many others!

January is a fantastic month for gyms. Regular gym goers are presumably annoyed by this rush. But, it’s always temporary. “After February 9, check-ins will drop and will never be as high again for the rest of the year,” said Dave Reiseman, vice president of Gold’s Gym, to USA Today.

So, if you are one of the many to give up on your fitness goals, don’t worry here are some ways to revive them.

Make a schedule

Decide what days and the times you plan to exercise that week. Pre-book your fitness classes that week. This will help make sure you stick to your fitness routine. Plan ahead! If you are going after work, pack gym clothes in advance, so you will avoid making a useless trip home where your bed will be oh so tempting.

Do an activity you love

You may have not struck to your January fitness goals because you got bored of your gym work-out after a few weeks. You don’t have to go to a sweaty and crowded gym to work-out. You can join a dance class or play a sport you love. If you are not enjoying the physical activity, it’s not going to be easy to keep it as part of your routine. Not everyone has the fitness bug, but doing something fun, yet active may not even feel like you are working-out. You don’t have participate in only one activity. Switch it up through-out the week. Sick of running on the treadmill, set a short goal like running a mile, then move on to a different cardio machine. It’s all about variety.

Seek help from a fitness guru

Do you think you need a little more hand holding when you work-out? Fitness trainers are great motivators. They can help you set realistic goals and hold you accountable. You will be encouraged to do exercises you probably wouldn’t do on your own. Usually the first session is free, so give it a try. It may give you the inspiration you need.

Think long-term

Working-out is almost always included in a weight loss plan. Although exercise paired with a healthy diet often leads to losing weight, it shouldn’t be something you do short-term until you hit your goal weight. Fitness has so many other health benefits, such as reduced risks of type 2 diabetes, colon cancer and heart disease.

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