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Get in Shape after your Winter Slump

Get in Shape after your Winter Slump
March 22
12:45 2016
There are many reasons we gain weight during the winter: holiday dinners, Christmas cookies, time away from the gym, the lure of the couch on a cold winter’s night…

Like hibernating animals, many of us pack on the pounds during the winter months. But unlike bears, we don’t sleep until the spring. Here are a few tips to get back into shape after a lazy winter:

Cravings sweets?

green-tea1Nutritionist Kanchan Patwardhan warns that sweet treats are no more than empty calories: “There is no nutritional value you derive from it. Your winter favorite…needs a healthy spin. Go for natural sweeteners like stevia or a paste made of dates. You can even add this to your milk or breakfast cereal.”

While many of us turn to honey, Kanchan reminds us that honey can cause weight can when consumed frequently.

Try Tea

Oxidant-rich green tea is a great replacement for hot chocolate. If you feel more hungry than usual, the cold might be the culprit. During the winter months, our bodies go into “sugar mode.” Binging on comfort foods like pizza is common. To satisfy your sweet tooth, try nibbling on figs, dates, or fruit.

Skin Changes

Poor diet has a negative effect on your skin. Dermatologist Meghna Gupta recommends avoiding any fruit or fruit juice that comes in a can. “Apart from that, an adequate amount of water and salads with no carbohydrates is also very helpful when it comes to fighting off sugar-borne acne and bloating.”



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