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Get fit with these Apple Watch Apps

Get fit with these Apple Watch Apps
March 18
17:51 2016
Everyone’s talking about the Apple Watch, a stylish wrist device that allows you to control music, phone calls, and maps right on your wrist. It’s basically a mini computer. You can even use it to pay for goods and services via Apple Pay. What we love most about the smart watch is its potential to help the world get in shape!

Two built-in apps on the watch make improving your fitness super easy: the Workout app and the Activity app. These programs allow users to learn more about their daily behaviors (how many times do you stand up throughout your work day?) and encourage users to get more exercise by completing goals.

And of course Siri is always there to help you log workouts.

Beyond the watch’s native apps is a whole collection of programs that can help Apple Watch owners make important lifestyle changes, from staying hydrated to minimizing stress.

If you own an Apple Watch, here are the top 5 apps you need to get:
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 4.20.11 PMWaterMinder ($1.99)

WaterMinder tracks how much water you drink throughout the day and will let you know gently if you need to increase your daily consumption.

3 Minute Mindfulness (FREE)

3 Minute Mindfulness takes users through a quick meditation sequence with various breathing exercises. Do it before a presentation or before bedtime to ease your mind and reduce stress. The relaxation process takes just 3 minutes – and research shows that short meditation sessions might be more effective than those 30-minute sessions you’ve been putting off.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 4.23.36 PMSeven (FREE)

Seven guides users through quick, 7-minute workouts. It’s a lot easier than trying to figure out how to hold your phone with dumbbells in your hands.

Without distracting you with too much info, the program shows pictures of each exercise and keeps track of time. You even have the choice of several avatars including drill sergeant and kung-fu master.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 4.25.47 PMRuntastic Pro ($4.99)

This app is a dream for runners (but you can select other forms of activity, too)! Runtastic Pro has an awesome training feature that lets users see tons of info right on their wrists as they run.

The app also includes a vocal trainer that talks to you as you workout, letting you know when it’s time to take it up a notch and how far you have to go. It also shows images to help improve your form.

Calorie Counters (FREE)

Both MyFitness Pal and Lose It! are great calorie-counter apps. They have been popular on iPhones for some time now, but are even better on the Apple Watch. With just a couple of taps, you can log what you’ve eaten and see how it factors into your daily goals.

These two apps sync up with the Apple Activity app, which has access to info from other apps – so if you’re using one of the programs above, you’ll get a full picture of how much food you can eat based on your activity for the day.


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