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Could Aerobic Exercise Help Protect Your Liver?

Could Aerobic Exercise Help Protect Your Liver?
March 28
12:40 2016

There are so many benefits to working out! That’s why our culture continues to become more fitness-focused. However, our culture is also rather focused on libations. So, it isn’t always easy to avoid these delicious cocktails.

Drinking in moderation is okay, but excessive consumption can cause chronic liver problems. And unfortunately, the damage is not irreversible and liver disease and cirrhosis is no joke.

With the health benefits of exercise in mind, scientists conducted a study on rats to see if aerobic activity could help decrease inflammation in the liver. One group of rats had an increased metabolism and was exposed to chronic alcohol for six weeks, while another group of these “athletic” rats were not exposed to any alcohol.

At the end of the six weeks, the results revealed that there were a higher number of fatty deposits in the livers of the chronic alcohol group. But, interestingly enough, this group did not have a significant level of inflammation of the livers. Leading the researchers to believe that the high level of physical activity protected the rat’s livers from the damage.

Surprisingly, the levels of fatty acids, triglycerides, insulin and glucose in the blood were not higher in the chronic alcohol group than the non-alcohol group.

Although these findings are remarkable, the study was only done on lab rats and scientists concluded that more research must be done to understand the benefits further. But, this could be the first step to finding a treatment for liver damage stemming from alcohol.

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