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Best New Fitness Gadgets of 2016

Best New Fitness Gadgets of 2016
March 01
21:59 2016

As any athlete, coach, nutritionist, or personal trainer will tell you – it’s not working out that delivers results, it’s how you work out. Even if you know how to optimize your exercise sessions, staying motivated and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are not easy tasks for most of us. Here are 8 gadgets that may be able to help:

Smart Running Clothes

Sensoria’s new collection of running clothes features tiny sensors within the fabric that monitor your speed, form, pace, and heart rate. Data is sent in real time to your phone.

Another smart clothing option is OMsignal’s new sports bra. Debuted at this year’s annual CES (consumer electronics show) in Las Vegas, this bra does so much more than keep the girls in place while you work out. The OMsignal smart bra measures biometrics like your heart rate and sends data to your phone.


9718-e783ef184de3813273d3c80f85068d71Skip the scale with Skulpt Chisel – a tiny devise that accurately measures muscle quality and body fat. Another option is the Fitbit Blaze, which can track your steps, tell time, monitor heart rate, and is even synced up with your phone’s music library, calendar, caller ID, and text messaging so you can do it all on your wrist.

Smart Water Bottle

moikit640_1f1fcbb366826ab1fd8bc15babd99073The Moikit Seed bottle isn’t your average water bottle. This gadget tracks your sips and reminds you if you haven’t been drinking enough water – perfect for people who find it hard to drink enough liquid during the day!

Another option is the LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle. It dispenses vitamins and water and keeps track of daily intake. Compatible FuelPods help you stick to your nutritional goals.

Abdominal Belt

slendertone-connect-female-model_1Trying for a six-pack? The Slendertone Connect Abs Unisex Toning Belt uses electrical muscle stimulation technology to help tone the most desirable of muscles while you relax.

Smart Shoes

Running shoes with a brain? The Altra IQ smart shoes can provide feedback in real time and track important metrics like cadence, pace, impact, and whether or not you pronate.


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