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Revel in It: Enjoy your Next Workout

Revel in It: Enjoy your Next Workout
February 14
15:49 2016
Do you spend your time on the treadmill staring at the number of calories burned as it slowly ticks upwards? Do you focus on how many laps are left or what you’re going to eat as soon as you’re done? If so, you’re looking at exercise the wrong way.

As someone who legitimately enjoys exercise, I often find it hard to understand why people complain about going to the gym. That being said, I want to share a little advice that may help some of you view “working out” in a new light.

I am somewhat of an introvert. For me, exercise is far more enjoyable when I am alone. Others may find working out more enjoyable in a class or group. I consider exercise “me time” – a great way to reduce stress and allow my mind to wander.

How you approach a workout is very important. Don’t go into it with dread or apprehension. Exercise should not be viewed as a chore. Consider the fact that your body is healthy enough to move freely (some people do not have this luxury). If you begin your next workout with a smile, chances are you’ll have a more enjoyable experience.

8d0cd988-25af-41ec-a92d-f11542755b9bI find that it is much easier to enjoy exercise when I’m outside, but I understand this isn’t always possible. Today was the first warm and sunny day after more than a month of relatively cold, overcast weather – so I decided to go on a bike ride. I set up a new playlist on my iPod, pumped up my tires, and set out to explore a local greenway.

Instead of focusing on the parts of my body that were tired and sore, I let myself fall into the music and fully take in my surroundings (something that most people don’t do often enough, if you ask me).

With each breath, I imagined that I was pulling energy and sunlight into my body. I enjoyed the feeling of my legs pumping and my heart rate increasing and focused on the countless ways exercise benefits the human body.

82780a19-7cb6-49a8-910d-b920fa742fc5I followed the winding path along a canal and past a ranch before turning back. While I didn’t have a particular mileage in mind, I did use the Map my Run app to track the distance, time, and calories burned.

You may have heard running enthusiasts talk about a “runner’s high” (which can also be experienced during other cardiovascular activities like swimming and cycling). The feeling is better than any drug – and makes you feel like you can take on the world. You won’t experience this sensation every time you hit the track, gym, pool, or road, but it’s certainly something to strive for.

Above all, I encourage you to revel in your next workout. Immerse yourself in the feeling of your muscles moving, release your mind, and enjoy it!


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