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Is Having a Fitness Partner Good or Bad?

Is Having a Fitness Partner Good or Bad?
February 24
12:44 2016

You have probably seen fitness partners at the gym and maybe you have even been part of one. It’s common for someone to seek out a fitness pal to make the gym either more bearable or to help keep themselves motivated.

But, not everyone is keen on having a partner. Maybe you deal with others enough during your work day and you want some alone time. Or you like to be looking at your sweaty worse on your own.

Whether, you are a fitness pal lover or someone who likes to be left to yourself at the gym- here are some perks and cons to having a gym buddy, that may or may not change your mind about exercising as a pair.

Partners help you stay motivated

More than half the fitness battle is actually showing up at the gym or at that fitness class. A partner will hold you more accountable. You don’t want to let them down by missing the work-out. If you and your partner share similar goals, then it will be easier to make healthy eating decisions outside of the gym together.

But, partners can also be a bad influence

A downside of having a partner is that if they give up on their gym goals, you may be influenced to drop yours also. You will either you give up with them, or you find a new buddy or go solo. Not to mention, you may have a partner who likes to have an unhealthy treat post-work out as a reward. They could sway you to eat something not on your healthy diet plan because “you burned all those calories.”

Partners can make you work-out harder

You will feel more challenged to do your best with someone doing the same thing by your side. A little friendly competition can go a long way. You are less likely to have a sloppy work-out

But, competition could also be a bad thing

You may end up pushing yourself too hard with a partner just to prove yourself or keep up with them. You then could be in a lot of pain post- exercise. Also, a partner could get jealous of their partner if they perform better or have a better result from the gym routine.

With all these things considered, if you seek having a fitness partner, test it first to see if it works. Fitness should enhance your relationship, while strengthening yourself. If it isn’t working, no big deal. Not all friends, family or significant others have to work out together. Make sure you recognize this though and approach this with your pal, instead of going to a new gym all together to avoid them. This could ruin your relationship outside of the gym.

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