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Fitness Myths: Busted!

Fitness Myths: Busted!
February 14
15:49 2016

When it comes to fitness and exercise, the Internet is full of myths and bad advice. This misinformation can keep you from achieving you fitness goals. Keep reading to learn the truth behind 5 “facts” you may have heard at the gym.

#1 If you aren’t sweating, you aren’t working hard enough. MYTH

Your high school basketball coach might have screamed this at the team, but it isn’t true. Sweating is the body’s way of cooling down. People in better shape typically sweat more because their bodies are efficient when is comes to cooling. And women tend to sweat less than men. But you should not judge a person’s effort by the size of his or her sweat stains.

#2 It’s better to use machines than free weights because they put your body in the correct position. MYTH

It’s true that exercise machines are generally safer than free weights, but machines can hurt you if you don’t use them right. A machine doesn’t force you into the right motion. If the seat position or weight is not appropriate for your body, you could end up with an injury. Don’t be afraid to ask a staff member to show you how to use a machine properly the next time you’re at the gym.

#3 You must sweat for at least 45 minutes to burn fat. MYTH

Mankind seems to be obsessed with sweat. In reality, 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day is all it takes to keep your heart healthy (and a balance diet, of course).

#4 Stretching after a workout will speed recovery. FACT

This one is true. Stretching can do wonders for your flexibility, which gives your joints increased range of motion. A flexible body operates far more efficiently than a stiff one. Flexibility will boost your performance when working out and also lower your chances of injury. Stretching can also aid in recovery by lessening muscle soreness.

#5 Crunches burn belly fat. FACT

Ab machines and crunches are effective in burning belly fat, but they won’t cut inches from your waist. These exercises are more effective in building those dreamed-of ab muscles – but you won’t be able to see them if there are inches of fat covering them up.

Losing belly fat is best accomplished through diet and cardiovascular exercise like running, swimming, or cycling. Next time it’s “ab day” at the gym, include some time on the elliptical or treadmill in addition to your crunches.


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