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Average Man Attempts The Rock’s Fitness Routine

Average Man Attempts The Rock’s Fitness Routine
February 26
12:35 2016
A 37-year-old family man decided to spend one month following Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s diet and workout regimen. The man, who goes by “NYCBaller” on Reddit, shared his story at the halfway point.

His post details the insane amount of exercise he does each day – and the equally insane amount of calories he needs to eat to keep up with The Rock’s lifestyle.

NYCBaller was inspired to try The Rock’s diet and fitness routine after he saw it outlined in a magazine. “I decided to see if I could do the same thing, see how I measure up. This isn’t about following a fitness and eating plan that’s optimized for me. It seemed like too much food for a guy my size. It’s also not about using this plan for specific results. I have no desire to look like The Rock. It was just about ‘can I do this really hard thing this successful guy does while living a normal life?”

I don’t know if I’d call The Rock’s life “normal,” but the diet and fitness plan certainly is a challenge for the average Joe. The Herculean fitness routine features a different but equally challenging 2-hour workout Monday through Saturday. The diet, which is based on fish, rice, eggs, and veggies, includes 7 meals a day that add up to 5,390 calories.

Here’s what Monday (chest day) looks like:rs_600x600-140618140017-600.the-rock-working-out

• 50 minutes on the elliptical machine
• 4×12/10/8/6 incline barbell bench press
• 4×12 flat bench dumbbell press
• 4×12 incline hammer strength press (alternate arms, start extended)
• 3×12 flat bench DB fly
• 3×15/to failure cable crossover superset with dips

So how does NCYBaller feel after 17 days of this grueling pattern?

“Though I’m 6’3’’/207 lbs. and The Rock is 6’5’’/260 lbs., I haven’t gained any weight eating 5,000 calories a day. I would have thought at this surplus it would have led to putting on some weight. But I’m noticeably building muscle while getting leaner.”

The 37-year-old says he feels great, but preparing his meals and spending so much time at the gym while balancing his family and full-time job is difficult. Not to mention he spends about $42 per day on food.

NYCBaller listens to podcasts and audiobooks while working out to help him focus. He says he feels “smarter” with all the new information.

“I’m 37, around the time when mysterious aches and pains pop up. Eating like this is preventing any muscle soreness or DOMS. And I’m lifting heavier than I had in awhile. Makes me realize I definitely haven’t been eating enough, and that sometimes your body needs high glycemic carbs (something I’ve avoided for years.”


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