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So many Fitness Apps, so Little Time. But, do they Actually Boost your Health?

So many Fitness Apps, so Little Time. But, do they Actually Boost your Health?
January 23
16:04 2016

The unbelievable number of fitness and health apps now available in app stores just proves that people are willing to invest in digital products to achieve their fitness goals. The sales of fitness wearables and connected devices are estimated to hit a whopping $17.4 million in 2016.

There are 100,000 apps dedicated to mobile health available in the android and apple marketplace, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

According to A National Survey by JMIR mHealth uHealth, roughly 58% of participants have downloaded an app to track their health in the past, with 41% having downloaded five health-related apps. Almost half of the participants downloaded these apps to track what they ate or to lose weight, while 34% wanted to learn exercises.

So this brings us to our initial question, do they actually help to make your life healthier? Who better to ask than a doctor? Jessica Ferger, M.D., a primary care physician with URMC Family Medicine, thinks one of the major values of these apps is that people are learning more about their bodies. “It makes patients more aware. More knowledge is always useful. People are using them as an adjunct to their health care and coming in to the doctor’s office,” said Ferger to USA Today.

Geraldine Dupal, M.D., a physiatrist at Unity Rehabilitation & Neurology, also applauds the apps for making fitness and health goals more accessible. “Anything that is engaging, challenging and fun tends to promote an interest. It’s brought such an awareness to achieving one’s goals for personal fitness,” said Dupal to USA Today. “It opens doors, no matter what your age, ethnicity, etc. It enables you to find the right fit for your age, body and goals.”

But, ultimately, what makes a health app successful is when the user consistently uses it. But, that is not the case. Most of the time these apps are only downloaded and tested briefly. So, yes they are making people healthier, but only the people using them regularly.

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